Side Effects Of Wearing High Heel Shoes

As fashionistas wearing heels have become a major part of our lives. High Heels improve our appearance by adding that extra sophistication to our garments.

Yes, heels help in accentuating the feminine figure but there is a price to pay for this. Some of the side effects of wearing high heel shoes include painful calf, bunions, ingrown nails, corns, blisters, calluses, painful bony growth in toe joint, waist pain, arthritis and the list goes on.

What To Do:

  • Reduce hours you wear heels

If you cannot abstain from heels, you can reduce the hours. Wear flats on your way to and from work and then switch to your heels upon arrival. Always take them off when you are at your desk.

  • Go for shorter heels

If you wear 6 inches you can cut it down to 3 or 2 inches. When shoe shopping, try to resist the urge for high heel footwares and start your wardrobe change by going for shorter ones.

  • Make use of protectors

It will help you to make use of insole pads, shoe pad cushion, silicon gel pad, bunion shield pad, heel grips, gel socks etc.

  • Exercise your feet regularly

Regular exercising and stretching your feet will help blood circulation.

You can do this at your break period or at home in other to improve circulation.

  • Get regular feet massage

Try as much as possible to get regular feet massage to improve feet health. You can do this weekly or every other day.

  • Wear your shoe size

Make sure your shoes are not bigger than your legs so your feet doesn’t slide forward and also wear shoes with wide enough toe box so your toes are not cramped together.

  • Try out flats

Switch to flats when possible especially on days your outfit can do without heels. This will allow your feet some breathing space and reduce muscular tension.


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  1. Rita Dosumu says:

    Very Good Piece… Nice one!


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