Fashion In Africa Today


Fashion has become a major part or our lives. Fashion designing is a craft that now earns a large population around the world sustainable income.

More students now study fashion designing in schools and those with degrees in other fields apply to fashion schools to pursue a career in fashion.

Wardrobe stylists, personal shopper, fashion journalist, fashion merchandiser, fashion designer, fashion retailer, you name it…all these and more are careers one can have in the fashion world.

Fashion in Africa has boomed over this last decade. African textiles are now sort after and making statements in the fashion world. They are unique and beautiful with variety or colors and mix, making it easier to achieve fashion blocking and mix and match patterns.

Not only do they come in variety of colors, African textiles come in distinct textures such as aso-oke, adire, akwete, kente, barkcloth, swehsweh, mudcloth, kintenge and the likes.

Some international designers that make use of African prints include Stella Jean, Zara, Burberry and the online fashion store ASOS to mention a few.

Our celebrities now wear more of locally designed clothes instead of shopping international brands for every event to be attended.

In the near future, I see African fashion incorporated in all high fashion brands and with the African textile market booming than it already is and more wax printing factories set up locally. I see more of exporting than importing in Africa, I see more outstanding fashion accessories being made from African textile and more functional fashion schools being set up in Africa.


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