3D Printing In Fashion Design

Adrain Portmann
Adrain Portmann

3D printing seems to be the new face of fashion design. Regardless of the press treating 3D printing in fashion as futuristic it seems to be gaining ground in the fashion industry since its introduction five years ago or more.


3D printing is not new to jewelry designers as it used to source more innovative designs I see no reason why it wont excel in the rest of the fashion industry.

Some of the benefits of 3D printing to fashion designers are:

  • The ability to create varieties of prototypes for small scale business owners.
  • Ability to create designs within a shorter period of time as compared to sourcing manufacturers and shipping time.
  • It provides the ability to utilize the exact amount of materials needed which helps in minimising cost on production
  • Recycling is better achievable with 3D printing in the fashion industry because you make use of less raw materials compared to traditional use of fabrics and appliques.

Some of the cons of 3D printing in fashion design are:

  • 3D printing can cripple the fashion manufacturing industry and eventually eliminate them.
  • It is mostly available to luxury fashion brands as 3D printing machines are very expensive.
  • There could be strains laying copyright claims to design since these designs are imputed electronically and then printed out.
  • Increase in counterfeit as designs can be replicated by people with access to the 3D machines.

    Janina Alleyne
    Janina Alleyne

With 3D printing fashion shows in new york and some other parts of the world I see a upcoming revolution in the fashion industry. 3D printing makes creativity swift and more hassle free giving it an added advantage.

A lot of creativity goes into garment making and having 3D technology at your fingertips there is no limitation to one’s artistry.


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