Tips For Starting A Fashion Business

www.augfashion.comStarting up a fashion line is no picnic at all, there is a lot to be put into consideration before embarking on this journey. But not to worry, major fashion brands dominating the fashion industry all started as smaller brands before becoming what they are today and so below are my tips for budding fashion designers.

Have A Good Knowledge of The Fashion World

Before going into any kind of business, you need to do some research and fashion business is no different. Know the key players in the industry and read up on how their businesses have grown over the past years.You need to be up to date with the happenings in the fashion world, what fashion shows come up each year, go for exhibitions, what is in vogue, be observant of the fashion world and watch fashion programs.

Determine Your Product Type

Know what you want to produce, what kind of apparel would you be introducing into the fashion market. Are you going into haute couture production, ready to wear production, mass production? You should have answers to these questions before starting a fashion house.

Create A Niche For Yourself

You need to determine who you want to wear your clothes. Creating a niche for yourself will help you put things in perspective. Are you going to be designing for youths, adults, children or teenagers? When you have answered these questions, then your plans will become clearer.

Set Out A Plan

Have a drawing board of how you want your business to look like from start-up to maturity stage. Will you be employing workers at start-up or much later in the business, will you be outsourcing, how much profit do you intend to make the first 2 years, how much capital do you have, will you be taking out loan and how long before you pay back the loan, what are your set targets? Having a set out plan is very crucial because it means having a blueprint to guide you on the fashion business you are about to embark upon.

Be Unique In Your Designs

The fashion business like you already know is a stiff neck one, so as an upcoming fashion designer, there is great need for your designs to stand out if you intend to break into the fashion business. Being unique in your designs means not following trends and standing out.

Market Your Brand

The role of marketing in business cannot be overemphasised. You need to put your brand out there in order to get clients for your brand. Wear your own designs, get celebrities to wear your designs, use social media to market your designs like instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest. Showcase your designs at fashion shows and fashion exhibitions.


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