Islamic Fashion

Islam is the second largest religion in the world, with followers across the seven continents of the world. Islam is believed to have over one billion followers. Islam promotes modesty in dressing and The Muslim Ummah affirm their identity through their mode of dressing. Women adorn themselves with Burqa, Kaftan, Hijab, burkinis, Abaya, or Jellabiya.

In recent times mainstream fashion has awakened itself to the fashion needs of Muslim women, which gave rise to a boom in Islamic fashion. Designers have been able to find a meeting ground between the Islamic religion and fashion with reference to decency.

Dina Toki-O
Dina Toki-O

Major High street fashion labels like H&M, ASOS, Zara have been able to tap into this thriving sector of the fashion industry by creating pieces that appeal to the fashion conscious Muslim woman.

In the blogosphere, some young Muslim women have made a name for themselves on the internet through blogging and vlogging their ideas of Islamic fashion and also serving as a source of inspiration to other Islamic females who are conscious of their dress sense. Some of the biggest players include British blogger and YouTuber and fashion designer Dina Tokio-O of Egyptian decent.

American YouTuber YazTheSpaz89 of Cuban and Turkish extraction. Delina Darusman-Gala first Australian Islamic fashion blogger. British based Moroccan vlogger Safiyah El-Houdaigui.

Safiyah El-Hudaigui
Safiyah El-Hudaigui

New York based writer Sabrina Enayatulla. Broklyn based Dian Pelangi fashion blogger, fashion designer and graduate of ESMOD fashion school. British blogger, writer and fashion designer Hana Tajima.

Diane Pelangi
Diane Pelangi

There are a number of Islamic fashion shows around the globe. America debuted the USA Islamic Fashion Week in February 13-16 2014 held in DC, at Maryland Virginia area. As a continuation of this, Modesty Defined Islamic Fashion Council (MDIFC) will be hosting a scaled version of the USA Islamic Fashion Week in Washington DC on August 29.

In Uk, the Urban Muslim Women (UMW) has had four shows as at 2014. The first was in 2008, followed by the 2012 show and the 2013 shows. This annual event also features exhibitors, inspirational speakers and art display. Also in UK, Severah Women has had its fourth annual fashion show in London.

Dubai, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur all host Islamic Fashion shows. Paris, one of the biggest fashion capital of the world also host various Islamic Fashion shows yearly.

One third of the whole population of Islamic followers in the world resides in Africa, being the first continent outside the Arab that Islam spread to. Albeit the Islamic population here in Africa, Africa is yet to pick up on the Islamic fashion show trend with the exception of Morocco.

Morocco has an annual Kaftan fashion show. Most North African Islamic fashion designers feature their designs in Islamic fashion shows in Paris, Kuala Lumpur and other capitals that participate in Islamic fashion shows. We as Africans need to step up to the plate and have annual Islamic fashion shows in various parts of Africa. We need to overlook cultural differences and showcase our enviable African Islamic modest wears to the rest of the world.


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