Gladiator Sandals As A Fashion Accessory


Historically, gladiators were Roman fighters who entertained Roman audience by engaging in barbaric fights. Gladiators were perceived as strong, bold, powerful and sometimes heroic. Gladiators were usually suited up with helmet, sword, body amour, ocrea (metal leg guard) manicae (wraps of leather and cloth for arm and wrist protection), the cingulum (protection for waist), galerus (metal shoulder guard), subarmallis, (worn under the body amour for extra protection), fascia (protective leg padding) and gladiator sandals.

The gladiator sandals were durable, had longevity and provided great support for its wearer. Gladiator sandals have been passed down through the centuries unto us. Today, they have become summer essentials for the trendy woman. They come in varieties, from the ankle length to the above the knee or just below the knee, colourful and in different heights.

Now how do you know the right gladiator sandals for your body type? If you have long and slender legs, I suggest you go for the long gladiator scandals. If you have chubby ankles, avoid ankle length gladiator scandals because they draw attention to the ankles, you can try on high heel gladiator sandals that go above the ankle. Below are gladiator scandals that might interest you.

gladiator sandals


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