My Ruminations of AMVCA 2017

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Fashion is on the rise in Africa and red carpets have always been the platform to showcase our individual but collective fashion sense as a people. I see style as what you make of fashion. Personal style does not necessarily have to be expensive to be fashionable. You can turn a $50 outfit into the most glamorous outfit on the red carpet and that is where personal style comes to play.

The just concluded AMVCA was a delight to behold with head turning designs and colour assemble. The AMVCA which is the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Award is an annual award show for appreciating movie makers who are constantly putting in their all to put African movies out there. Known as the African OSCARS, the AMVCA is also a medium for showcasing the latest runway designs.

The colour blue was overwhelming as a number of celebrities chose this color. Pink, red and of course black were also visible colours. The mainstay fabrics were lace, damask and satin. There were daring necklines plunging into one’s soul and slights as high as a pinnacle. It was an outstanding award show fashion wise but nonetheless the desire to be foreign was ample. I feel there is a need to be as African as possible. Mixing African prints and western fabrics never goes out of style and designers need to incorporate these into their designs.


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